About Me

   Hi friends! I'm Jadrian and I'm the face behind Knot Jaded Co. I used to joke that I will quit my day job and become a "professional knitter". Never in my life did I think it was actually possible. Knitting and crocheting is so time-consuming that I didn't think anyone would actually pay me for the time that I put into my work. But here I am pursuing my dreams in the maker industry.


Yarny background

My first love will always be knitting! I learned to knit when I was 14 when a relative gifted me a ball of Red Heart yarn and a pair of knitting needles for Christmas. 

   Fast forward 12 years and I was finally ready to learn crochet. Making plushies is so much easier in crochet! I was inspired by other creators on TikTok and Instagram. Seeing their success with their work as crochet artists and makers lit a fire in my heart. I decided to take the plunge into the craft/maker industry and pursue my dreams to have the freedom to let my creativity take the lead in my life.